Online with gamers from all over the globe

Harmonix, the developers behind Stone Team 1 and 2 as well as the unique Instrument Idol have handled to reproduce 45 Beatles songs from all times of their profession. Customers can perform on guitar, fish, drum, or rock out on words, karaoke design. From the enjoyable pop buy runescape gold songs like "Can't Buy Me Love" to the large guitar licks of "Revolution" or the disturbing psychedelia of "I Am the Walrus" Beatles lovers will find many of their popular available. Gamers can select to perform by themselves, with a number of up to three buddies, or online with gamers from all over the globe.

Everybody's preferred Rock-band function will also be available on this new launch. you will have the capability to obtain extra paths from the Internet, ad XBox 360 users will be able to get a break at The Beatles: Stone Team DLC. DLC will also be available for Wii and PS3 but they will have to hang on patently for this. Game downloading cost the same as all other Stone Team activities, therefore you can anticipate to pay around two or three money per each extra music.

One of the downfalls with The Beatles: Stone Team is there you can not communicate with any other Stone Team headings, due to the certification. Therefore Beatles songs can only be used for this activity and you can not obtain them to your hard disk. Also, no other DLC can be used when you are enjoying this activity.